Technical Services

Technical services
In order to manage large agricultural lands, large pastures and fields, it is necessary to keep more technical machinery which is used out of the blue. For this reason, the centre DARHORSE is able to provide interested parties with some technical services within the bounds of possibility of more effective use of the technical machinery. These activities include the following services:

  • sorting various loose materials,
  • chipping wood materials,
  • the maintenance of pastures and processing fodder plants,
  • handling technical machines, excavators and loaders,

Sorting of loose materials
The sorting of loose materials is carried out with the sorting machine of building material MS 2800, which is intended for a wide range of use in construction, municipal services , horticulture , agriculture and other fields. Due to its size it is easily transportable and can be directly deployed in a building site or a land which reduces the costs of transporting material. A loader with the capacity of about 1m3 is also necessary to some sorting activities. A separation of the individual fractions is dependent on the size of the used exchangeable sieves of 2000x1800 mm. A vibration of the sieve is provided with a three-phase electric vibrational motor of the input of 1.1 kW. A low input of the vibrational motor enables the low operating costs of the sorting machine. According to the sorting material, a size of the vibrational engine is easily possible to set to optimize an output of the sorting machine. Due to the large surface of the sorting sieve (more than 3.6 m2), the sorting machine is capable of the output up to 80 t/h depending on the type of material. The sorting machine is approved for the use. Its service is ensured by only one person. Within one sorting it is possible to reach three fractions of material. In our center the sieving of soil and sandy gravel is mainly used.

The sorting machnery can be rented. A complete implementation of sorting is possible to order with a loader and service together. The approximate price of rent and sorting are quated bellow.

The lease of the sorting machine MS 2800
The length of the lease 1-7 days of 3000 CZC / day
The length of the lease 7-30 days of 2500 CZK / day
The deposit of 50,000 CZC

The complete implementation of sorting
The sorting machine, the loader, the service 2500 CZC/hour

The chopping of wood material
The chipping of wood materials is carried out with the industrial woodchipper Skorpion 250 R. This device is used for chipping branches, tree trunks , wood logs and wood waste with the diameter of 250 mm. This woodchipper with three point suspension system is intended to work with the tractor of the output of 80KM. The drive is arranged with a cardan shaft of the tractor (540 rev./ Min). This woodchipper is equipped with the hydraulic drive for shifting material that is powered with its own hydraulic system. The woodchipper is fully mobile and it is possible to chip any wood material including logs up to the diameter of 25 cm. The produced woodchips can be used for the direct burning in boilers, composting, decorative purposes or as raw material for the production of briquettes and pellets. In our center this machine is used for the production of woodchips that form the top layer of some racetracks.

Approximate price of chipping
The chipping of supplied material 350 CZC/m3
The sales of chips 500, CZC/m3

Maintenance of pastures and processing fodder plants
The maintenance and processing of fodder plants in a large grazing complex required the acquisition of the entire fodder machines. They include the plows, a hoeing plough, a combinator, the meadow harrows, a tiller, a reaper with conditioners, a shedder , a raker , a tosser , a bale press for bales, a wrapper for plastic film bales, a spreader of manure, a speader of fertilizer, a transporter of bales and four tractors. By means of this technical machinery, we are able to provide a top-class establishment of new pastures , including their maintenance and processing fodder plants in the form of round bales of hay or silage.


Handling machinery, excavators and loaders
The center DARHORSE offers interested parties from the sorroundings of Roudnice nad Labem the opportunity to use a spare capacity of handling machinery, excavators and loaders . There are the wheeled excavator Warinski, a tractor cover, 2x tractor loaders and the manipulator JCB with a 6m long drawer. The service of this machinery is provided by the staff. The price is determined under an agreement according to the type and extent of required work.